Scotland Tutor Accused Of Producing His Learners Essays

  • Scotland Tutor Accused Of Producing His Learners Essays

    Scotland Tutor Accused Of Producing His Learners Essays

    July 25, 2019 By Jayna Mercado 0 comments

    A teacher in Scotland has appeared before a disciplinary panel of the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) charged with writing poetry essays for his students and buy essays online for college. The tribunal has heard that the English teacher wrote an essay for two of his students because his teaching was insufficient. The pupils stated that the 51-year-old failed to cover a key section of their subject and so mailed faked poetry essays into examiners to mark without their knowledge.

    One student alleges that when she found out she had no poetry piece for her portfolio, the teacher told her he would sort it out. At the disciplinary, the teacher denied he included work in the two pupil’s portfolios which he knew wasn’t theirs and remarks that he mailed his own U

    K essay for the Scottish Qualification Authority. He also declares that other people had access to his cupboard and a witness in the case concurred that pupils were spotted opening the teacher’s cupboard as he was absent.

    The alleged incidents are reported to have taken place in March 2010 and if the teacher is found in the wrong, he may be removed from the teaching register. It is crucial that all students hand in their own original work that is grammar and spelling-free to avoid rumours of plagiarism. Plagiarism is very significant and it can be cause for failure in a course because essentially it is stealing and passing off another’s person’s work as your own.

    However, ordering a model essay or dissertation isn’t against the law. When used properly, they’re just intended to be learning aids which students use to enhance their understanding of their university resources. Oxbridge Essays are similar to personal lessons in which a tutor will show you model answers to questions to get the best grades. So long as you make use of the model work in the correct way, you are not cheating.

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